Monday, August 8, 2011

Would you want to be my friend?

If you know me at all you know I love my kids pediatrician. Love love love her. If they made a t shirt with her face on it, I would wear it. Maybe not out in public since that would be creepy... but you get the point.

Not everyone likes her. She can be rather frank. She does not dole out antibiotics like candy. She does not coddle parents (at least she never has us). But she is great with my kids. She is their Dr after all. And they need to love her.

I have often thought "I'd like to be friends with her". She just seems like the kind of person I would really get along with. But I would much rather have her as my kids pediatrician than my friend. I think there needs to be boundaries.

Until recently that is. Thanks to our mutual interest in a fledgling Children's Museum we have had a number of non-child - non- medical conversations. She even asked me about my church.

This has made me nervous. Is there a chance we will become friends? What about the kids? Should they see a different doctor? Do I need to keep a wall up? Can I have the best of both worlds? Can she and I chat over coffee one Sunday before church and on Tuesday rush my son to her office for a mysteriously swollen boy part?

I am sure she can separate the worlds. I think I can too.

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