Friday, July 10, 2009

Embroider the day away...

OK, Not really gonna happen in this house. I don't have time for that. But I am going to try and do a little.

When I was growing up my Aunt Eleanor used to embroider all sorts of clothing and dolls for my siblings and I. I'll admit that while in private I liked the stuff, in public I was embarrassed. No one else worse such things! None of it was ugly. Quite the reverse. But they were not en vogue.
As I spend my time at home with my kids I have found my self trying to be productive. I hate cleaning. So crafting is my chosen alternative.

I recently purchased some embroidery designs from urban threads. these are not your mothers designs. These are very funk. Some are cute but not in the furry kitten way. But cute enough to think my kids will wear what ever I labor over.

I do not have a fancy embroidery machine for quick and really professional works of art. I hand embroider all my stuff. And so far I don't mind. As an added bonus I use embroidery to up cycle. be it onsies or burpies or a pair of K's cut off jeans.

Here is the one that I am most excited about. Did I mention that they are only $1.00 each? And there free things too? I want to order more... but I need to do what I have now.

You don't need to be a pro at embroidering. These are easy. You can make them complicated if you have the skills. But rest assured that if you do not... its still going to look wonderful. Pics to follow! Still not interested in thread and needle. Well well well.. the kind folks at Urbanthreads have a "digital stock art section for scrap booking, web design and iron-on projects. OOHH AHHH!

And please read the following: I did not post these pics so you could steal them from me. Because if you stole it from me you are then stealing for urban threads. And that's not nice x 2.
For the love of Moses...its only $1.00 buy your self one or ten. :)