Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stay-At-Home-mom income=$0.00

I don't make any money. Not a single dime. Some days the whole "Weeds" TV show looks like a good diea. But I don't even know how to buy drugs...where would I get them to sell them???? Plus the whole going to jail part if really not to high on my agenda these days.

I am looking into USBORNE books as an option to make some extra income for my family. But I wonder how well that will do.
Pro: Only one person in the area is doing it. All the other at-home-business ideas seem swamped with people. There is potential for growth!
Con: The economy- will people be willing to spend $ on books for their kids?
Pro: Reading to kids is important
Con: $100.00 to start up.

What do you suggest????

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