Monday, July 14, 2008

Sex offenders in your neighborhood

I am the first to admit that I am obsessed with knowing if a sex offender lives near me. I check the New York state registry often. Sometimes daily!

I always thought sex offenders, especially pedophiles, were messed up in the head. But now that I have a son and daughter I find myself getting angry. Beyond angry really…I can feel the anger grow inside of me. My blood boils!

While I never let my children out of my sight, I still think it is important to know who lives near you. Knowing what the person looks like, what they drive and where they live can give you the tools to protect your neighbors. You never know what you may be witness to.

The following is the NY state level 3 Sex Offender. Do a search for other lists. Some provide you with maps.

Vermont had its first Amber Alert recently. Brooke Benett was 12 years old when her her uncle a known sex offender kidnapped her. His probation had run out…possibly earlier than it should have. That is being investigated. He kidnapped her in an effort to initiate her into a sex ring he was operating. Another member of his family, a 14-year-old girl, was already a “member” of this group with her boyfriend. On top of all that her ex step father was involved in the sex ring. He resides in Texas. When all of this happened, he had his roommate throw out a safe and laptop that contained images of sex acts with minors.

There are so many questions. Why hadn’t her mother, grandparents, other relatives or family friends made it clear to her what type of man this uncle was? If my own brother was ever assigned sex offender status, neither of my children would ever be permitted to be around him…even in my presence. Easier said than done? Not hardly. My children are under my care for 18 years by law. It is my God given responsibility to protect them.

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