Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Police Auctions!

If you know me you know that I love a bargain! I shop on eBay. Recenly I won an L.L. Bean snowsuit set (jacket, pants, hat, scarf) for my daughter for $39.99 I bid on items at Bidrodeo and win amazing stuff (I won a Wii for $5.56!).

I discovered another site today to feed my need to get cool stuff at low prices. its propertyroom.com. Its a site set up by an ex-police officer. its helps out police departments to clear our thier property rooms. these are items confiscated by the police. The departments claim to have tried to find the owners and these are items ready for auction. 1/2 of the funds go to the department adn the other 1/2 goes to the site. Here is the link-> HERE

Whats on the site? Lots of cool stuff! Electronics, household goods, art, clothing, pink flamingos (yes!!!) , automobiles, jewelry, toys, and lots of items!

And yes, they do ship OR you can pick it up if you are close enough. There are a few items they have for pick up only (tough to FedEx an H2).

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