Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party anyone

When I met my husband he was not a politics guy. Thought he did not matter. He is only one voice...why would anyone care? Well, I could never date let alone marry a man who was not polically passionate. I told him so. He accepted the challenge.

This month will mark our having been a couple for 10 years. He has gone from an Independent to a Libertarian. And let me tell you... he is a a politics guy now. He even went so far as to write to Gov Patterson today. And I am sure it was a sweet little note.

He has begun to watch Fox News, Glenn Beck and enjoy it.

This is not the man I started dating in April 1999.

And I am glad. :)

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Charlene said...

I love it!
I paid attention to politics (and was pretty conservative) when I met Josh, but he got me much more opinionated (and libertarian!) in the last 5.5 years :D