Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cry baby

My son is in his room right now. He is crying. We area cry-it-out family when it comes to bed time and naps. My son is such an easy baby. And that makes it so hard to hear him cry. I did check on him and make sure he was ok. He is ok. :)

I know a mom who slept in her daughters room until recently. She is going to be 2 in May. The house is silent while this child sleeps. I don't agree with that for my own children but if that works for her mom and dad...then ok. But is it more for the benefit of the baby or the parents? With a second child due in May, how will this rock everyones world?

I don't think I am a better mom because I let my child cry. But I do wonder how different these children will be as a result of these differences.

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