Thursday, April 30, 2009

I enjoy shopping. I really enjoy it.

Since becomeing a stay at home mom I hunt for bargains.
I use to earn money on things I buy on-line. I earn a % back from eBay and ChildrensPlace (we don't have one around here). Here is my 'page'. Join me!

I also adore I have ordered bibs and crib shoes for my new nephew (Jason's baby boy is due 08/09). Somethings are as much as 70% off. The bibs for example were $5.00 but retail for $11.00. Who pays $11.00 for a bib? HHmmm... ok.... really who pays $5.00 for one bib??? haha! Every day, adn even a few times a day there are new and fun items. Strollers, shoes, toys, clothing for little ones and for moms.


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