Friday, August 29, 2008

This moment in time

I really enjoy reading. It is my ME time. I try to read every night. It’s almost like an addiction. My usual books are paperback non0iction books I find on sale or borrow from friends.

A few hours ago I was sitting in one of our Adirondack chairs reading a book. My son was asleep in his crib. My daughter was a few feet away playing on her swing set. She said to me “momma! Momma can you help me”? I asked her what she needed. She told me she wanted me to push her. My mind yelled “NO!” But my heart responded to her with a “sure thing kiddo.”

I pushed her for only a few minuted. She told me a few minutes into it that she loved having me push her and it made her “so very happy”.

A moment like that can never happen again. That book is still here. In addition, it will be later.

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