Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have a number of friends who sell on Etsy. I am a big fan and I try to shop there often. I recently bought a one of a kind necklace for a tween; the half sister of my God Daughter. My purchase was made at the IV for 4 shop and it was a huge hit. See the picture to the left and you will see why. Very hip, isn't it?

Most of the items are copper, sterling, or fine silver. The quality is great and I will certainly be making more purchases from IV for 4.

Living in a rural area I don't have mush of an opportunity to shop at boutiques that would carry one of kind items. But Etsy provides me with that opportunity on a regular basis. My only frustration (other than having to wait for the mail man) is that I don;t get to handle the item prior to purchase. To date I have not been disappointed by any item purchased via etsy.com.

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